Keavong Alson Men is an actor and singer-songwriter based in Brisbane, Queensland.


He started acting professionally when he was 17 years of age being in the Queensland Theatre Traction Drama Youth Ensemble.

From there, The Mamas Boys was formed, an all-male hip-hop theatre-making collective based in Logan.

Keavong's first-ever on-set experience was being an extra in a film called: "Two Heads Creek" directed by Jessie O'Brien, starring Kerry Armstrong, Gary Sweet, and Stephen Hunter.

From that experience being an extra, he met Josephine Dino, a fellow actor where they formed The Moon Ensemble with two other ensemble members: Frances Foo and Harris Hsin, where they would perform Journey To The West characters in Fortitude Valley during The Chinese Moon Festival.

Recently he performed in the Lunar New Year Festival held through the Brisbane City Council, with The Moon Ensemble playing the role of "Sandy" a beloved character from Journey to The West series.


Now he working on Brother's Book Club with The Mamas Boys that would have its season in July-August at The Butterbox Theatre at the KFB Cultural Precinct.

Keavong holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Contemporary and Applied Theatre from Griffith University.



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