My name is Keavong Alson Men, or just Keavong or Keav, Kev or Al, or Mr. Men, I've been called Kearong and that is wayyyy off and so "rong" on so many levels but A for Effort. Anywho...

Welcome to my WEBSITE! At the moment, the website is very standard but it is very beautiful in my opinion and it's a start, plus I also got my sister's approval at like 4 am when I was sleep deprived when I made it.

Recently, I got new headshots from Brisbane's Headshot Photographer, Luke Mayze, so they made the website extra snazzy.

Anyways... I just want to pop on by and just say hello. And hopefully, the next thing, I look to put up very soon is some very high-quality showreels/clips. Because if there is none, how can you know if I'm any good at what I do? ;)

Til next time :D


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