New Year, Take It Easy.

Last Year, I can admit I burned myself out. I did every workshop I could get my hands on, even when I didn't have the money, I took advantage of the payment plans. Although I worked so so hard I did very much was able to achieved the things I wanted despite being scared to myself in that position. I had the right attitude, I was hardworking and honestly I was really up there in terms of an incredible work ethics.

So this year, I'm gonna take it easy. Listen to my brain, and my guy instincts. Speak up and stand up. Say no more. Say yes to things. Stay longer.

The end of the last year was just the peak of that and it really opened my eyes that all you've got is really yourself. So I gotta be there for me.

When I say take it easy, I meant it in a smart sense, as be responsible. money, the people associate myself with, sleep. peace and pleasure. Because I ain't pleasing or kissing up to no one but myself. I know I am still the kind and loving person I am but last year tested me that people can take advantage and see me as a door mat. Life doesn't have to be hard.

And I don't get why others thrive of making other people's life hard.

Out with the old bullsh!t and in with the new positivity.

My dreams, my desires and my goals will always be that flame that won't burn out. And so will I.


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