The Beginning of The End.

When I say The Beginning of The End I meant it in a hopeful sense. As life is always going to be unpredictable, kinda like this year in particular. My life has shifted alot and that has also impacted the person I have become.

I am confident in moving forward and knowing that all the things I have manifested in my head or on paper, my higher power will give it to me.

And they have not let me down. I have had my wishes and dreams come true. I just need to calm the f. down and just enjoy the ride. I was in a dominos commercial, I am making an E.P that is due to release some time this year. I am writing. I am acting. I am singing. I'm working on really really cool projects if I told my 15 year old self, he would not believe me.

I had a plan on what I envisioned my life to be, and life is like "I can think of something way better, just you wait". And it didn't disappoint. I learn to practise patient and tenacity. That If I keep showing up, keep applying to things, keep at it, It'd lead me to a path I wanted.

Now I have bigger plans, and it's a matter of waiting, showing up, keep at it and giving it my all.

Talk soon.

Cheers! :D


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