Working Hard or Hardly Working?!

Lets just start that I worked really hard, even during COVID. The year started on the right track. I was thinking about September for Brother's Book Club and preparing myself for that role. When the world was affected, I did day jobs that I'll probably never say yes to again. I was praying for a miracle. Praying for the world to just understand that life doesn't have to be this hard.

I did classes. So many classes. Because in my heart I wanted to do them to the point where I burned out myself and my money. I worked so hard and I started to see that everything was paying off. I saw that people were happy to give you free promotion or even reach out to you even though you both probably haven't talked to each other in years. I lived that life of 2 minutes of fame and now people don't really care anymore.

Life of an Artist is mostly waiting for someone to hire you to do what you can do. But that doesn't seem stable or realistic. Waiting really testes your patience and that patience of waiting for success is unrealistic when you are doing nothing about it.

You can't be an overnight sensation, although I did get over 30+ notifications when everyone saw my commercial. But that was it. As days fade by. I was back in classes, doing Mamas Boys stuff, being on set. It doesn't stop, and it doesn't get easier.

Not going to lie, when I said I wanted to be an artist. I thought that I'd liked the money, fame and fortune that comes with it. I had a vision winning an award for Best Actor, but only to realize now that, that life ain't glamorous. Only glamourous when you're on the red carpet hoping to win an award. Winning an Award is like winning an Olympic Medal. Damn Hard.

Reality is, I've witness people complaining about their reps, being on set and wanting to go home because it's passed their call time hours. People just doing dumb cringey things just to stand out during takes.

And that energy really rubs me the wrong way. And me feeling like that shouldn't be wrong.

It's okay to be and feel tired. Because we all do have really early call times and have an unpredictable finish. But that's inevitable, so it's always good to have a nice sleep the night before.

But it should be thrilling to get the opportunity of being on set. It is such a privilege which most people take for granted. And we tend to forget that at the core of this whole entire process someone's story is being told. And that's incredible. <3


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