The Mama's Boys Collective.

The Mama’s Boys Collective are a hip hop artists theatre-making collective based in Logan.

They are known for being artists in residence at La Boite Theatre Company working on their debut stage play Brothers' Book Club.

The boys are Jessie, Peter, Damon, Keavong, Jordan, PJ, Shan, Ethan, Filo, Josh & Hosana.

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"Brothers always have eachother's back" #baheb

A Fifty - Fifty Chance.

A Fifty - Fifty Chance was a short film written bv Keavong Alson Men.

A long overdue actress desperate to get back in the spotlight finds herself auditioning for the biggest director in town.

Starring Cheryl Edwards & Michelle Brass

Directed by Rachael Bristow

Watch HERE.

Screenshot 2021-06-28 at 22-09-52 A Fift

A Love Letter to My Nan.

A Love Letter to My Nan was a 10 minute piece written bv Keavong Alson Men for La Boite Theatre's ASSEMBLY 2020.

Performed by Owen Green

Directed by Damian Tatum

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"If there is one thing she taught me, love is unconditional, even if someone lies and breaks your heart."


Image by: John Waters Photography